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Bell Plantation

This project started as a complete rebranding, including collateral and a website but was later expanded to include a campaign for their annual Military and Police event. 



Identity & Branding, Print, Digital 

Bell Plantation




Bell Plantation requested a rebranding that included a new logo, website, and various collateral. They also asked for an advertising campaign for their annual Military and Police Appreciation Day event.


I first wanted to show the history of the plantation through the graphic elements of the logo. Branching off of this historic-based theme, I then designed a website that informed the viewer about the origins of the property. I included my photography and my copywriting in the website and collateral.


After finishing the rebranding, I went on to create their annual event campaign. This included a brochure, photography, event webpage, email marketing, and other merchandise. In all of the visuals I made, I wanted to center everything around a single theme of sharing the story of the plantation from 1868 to present day.

Logo SYM.png
BP logo2.png


The Bell Plantation logo was inspired by their historical background with arrowheads found on the plantation fields. The dog chosen is an English Pointer to represent the bird dogs that the plantation uses for their quail hunts.

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